A Lyme to Wellness Recipient Family

I have more energy so I can do more stuff in the day.
— Nathan (age 13)

I sleep better and I have more energy for my tennis practice.
— Corinne (age 16)

I’ve definitely noticed any aches and pains that I have I can put the coil on it and it helps them go away quite quickly.
— Lisa (mom)

I’ve been enjoying the Brain Reboot and [Other Journeys] and a little bit more energy that allows me to take business trips.
— Eric (dad)

Nutritional microscopist from Lightstream Analytics in MD

She has had 2 demos with AmpCoil through our foundation.

My first of two sessions with the AmpCoil was in July 2017, after I started experiencing what I thought were symptoms of Lyme disease.

I also was able to confirm through microscopic assessment the presence of parasites and other microbial forms not consistent with my blood work in good health. There was a marked reduction of these forms after both [AmpCoil] sessions, as well as significantly reduced candida (from tongue evaluation).

Going forward, I look forward to purchasing a unit and to supporting the work of the Foundation. Thank you for developing this extraordinary technology.
— Marcy Pollan