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Wellness for Humanity Foundation is a  501(c)3 Private Charitable Foundation.
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Donate an AmpCoil to someone special in your life

Do you know someone who is dealing with the devastating effects of Lyme or a chronic autoimmune disease? Help them improve their quality of life and give the gift of hope. 

Donate an AmpCoil to someone you know and love. Click below

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Donate an AmpCoil to a family in need

Help a family devastated by Lyme disease get their lives back, and provide a path to wellness for three families a year, for many years to come! The Lyme to Wellness Program provides an AmpCoil device to a family crushed by the financial weight of extended illness. Devices are awarded to families with three or more members in the household who are diagnosed with Lyme disease, providing use to everyone in the household daily for four months.  After four months, the device is awarded to a new family, providing deeply needed support to many individuals each year.

The initial families who have received use of the AmpCoil through the generous support of donors are reporting significant reduction of symptoms, and significant improvement in quality of life!

Donate an AmpCoil to the Lyme to Wellness Program. Click below :)

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Wellness for Humanity Foundation has chosen the AmpCoil as the initial technology it is making available to support wellbeing.

Everyone wants to feel well, living life to the fullest. Lyme and chronic autoimmune diseases limit joy, active engagement, and productivity in life. Advanced technologies that restore vibrant health are often not affordable or geographically available for many chronically ill families. Your donation supports these extraordinary programs that help underserved populations benefit from using the AmpCoil, and at no cost to the individuals who are most in need.

Help us Activate Hope!

We are deeply grateful to be aligned with ampcoil so we can support more people.

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We at Wellness for Humanity Foundation are a  501(c)3 Private Charitable Foundation. Your donation is 100% tax deductible.