Making Wellness Accessible

When you feel well, life is a beautiful experience! Chronic Autoimmune, Lyme and other degenerative diseases inhibit our ability to fully engage in life – but there’s hope!


Extraordinary programs to help

When you feel well, life is a beautiful experience! Chronic Autoimmune, Lyme and other degenerative diseases inhibit our ability to fully engage in life – but there’s hope!

We understand that families can be devastated by Lyme disease, often crushed under the financial weight of ongoing healthcare costs, and that advanced technologies such as AmpCoil are not always affordable or geographically available for many chronically ill families.

We offer two extraordinary programs to help under-served populations benefit from devices such as these easily and at no cost to the individuals who are most in need of restored health.

We are the Bridge from Illness to Wellness! Bringing cutting-edge technology to your community


Lyme to Wellness Program

Is Your Family Devastated by Lyme Disease? - The Lyme to Wellness program provides cutting-edge technologies, such as AmpCoil, to families devastated by Lyme disease for daily in-home use.


What's required

WFH Foundation provides devices to families in extreme cases of need. If you would like to apply for a free AmpCoil device in your home, we require the following documentation:

  • Proof of prior or current medical treatment of tick-borne illness for at least three family members who reside in your home, in the United States, at least six months per year.
  • 1-2 page description of the impact Lyme disease has had on your family.
  • If there are any other reasons why your family is a good candidate for assistance from the foundation. such as living in a remote area, please include that information.

What's expected

If your family is awarded use of an AmpCoil device, it will be granted four months of use. During the four months that you are using the device you will be required to:

  • Use the system proved to you as instructed
  • Discuss progress via scheduled telephone reports
  • Complete online progress survey

What may be asked

You may be asked to:

  • Participate in the production of video describing your experience in the Lyme to Wellness Program
  • Participate in an ongoing research study

WFH Foundation distributes devices three times a year providing families with four months of daily use for each person in the household. Families are monitored through frequent telephone contact, and submit survey data while participating in the Lyme to Wellness program.


Apply here!

If you would like to apply to be considered to receive a device through our Lyme to Wellness program please begin the application process here:

You will be asked to provide some initial data, and you will receive more detailed instructions on how to provide us with the documentation we require in order for us to consider your family for this program.

Submissions will be reviewed to determine eligibility and you will be notified when our review process has been completed. Wellness for Humanity Foundations distributes grants three times a year, in early January, May and September.


Sponsor Lyme to Wellness Families

We welcome your donation to make advance technology, such as the AmpCoil available to families in need.

Your Donation of $10,000 will provide a path to wellness for three families each year, for many years to come. Knowledge is the key to progress. together we can accelerate wellness in our communities!